Cream Miniature Schnauzer in a bathtub

Miniature Schnauzer Stud Dog Services  

Our male Miniature Schnauzer Cashe is available for stud services. Explore more about our sud services below, and don’t hesitate to contact Schnauzer Lyfe if you have any questions! 

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Schnauzer Lyfe partnered with a Canine Reproductive Veterinarian in Louisiana, specializing in semen collection, semen evaluation, freezing/shipping semen nationally, artificial insemination, equine embryo transfer, and oocyte aspiration. There's a stud fee for most of our stud services, including semen collection and shipping, choice of the first pick of the litter, or a puppy that's not related to our male Miniature Schnauzer.

Breeding Requirements  

  • The breeder and owner of the female Miniature Schnauzer must present a copy of their dog's AKC registration and pedigree 
  •  Proof of up-to-date annual vaccines, exams, and preventatives:

    • Annual Wellness Care 
    • Comprehensive Exam 
    • DHPP/Leptospirosis Vaccine 
    • Rabies Vaccine, Bordetella Vaccine 
    • Fecal and Heartworm Test 
    • The current administration of heartworm preventative as well as flea and tick prevention 

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