Breeders and owners - Michelle Cadet-Bickham and their schnauzers

Our Story 

Two years ago, at the beginning of our infertility struggle, we had difficulty trying to conceive. After being diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis and aggressive fibroids, the treatment plan included four surgeries, removing one ovary, fertility medicines such as Femara and Clomid, and several IUIs. After three years of trying without success, we asked each other this question: "Suppose we didn't have children; what would life be like?" It wasn't easy to focus on being in the present moment and not living in the future without having our own family. All the answers to our problem were impacted by endometriosis, which affected the opportunity to have children and began to drain us emotionally. 

 With the love of life and for each other, we opened our hearts to three extraordinary Miniature Schnauzers named Cashe, Penney, and Dolla. In 2019, we brought home our first male liver Miniature Schnauzer called Cashe, during our engagement. After we married in 2020, we completed our family with a female cream Miniature Schnauzer named Penney and a female merle Miniature Schnauzer named Dolla. As we continue our lives together, we both work together to take care of the kids, as we call them, so much so that we include them in our daily lives, where they run errands and go shopping, travel, and sleep with us in bed during the night. 

 We fell in love with the breed because they brought happiness back into our lives. When Cashe, Penney, or Dolla sensed our pain, they'd slide right next to us, cuddling on the bed or couch, sitting either near or even on us, and sometimes reaching for us to lift them to give us a few licks and kisses. They're so entertaining with different personalities; every day isn't a dull moment. Cashe, Penney, and Dolla are great protectors, especially when they alert us with their high-pitched voices if they sense something or someone approaching. Their love for children is fantastic because they enjoy playing with our nieces and nephews. Cashe, Penney, and Dolla are by far the most handsome and beautiful mustache and bearded animals we've ever seen, and this is why we're breeding this particular breed and not any other. 

For over three years, we've been breeders, with an upcoming litter in 2023. We breed with care and pay special attention to nutrition, certified pedigree, and characteristics of our Miniature Schnauzers to produce a litter of quality, not quantity. My husband, Tyrone Bickham, is a law enforcement deputy working for the Sheriff's Office for 29 ½ years. I, Michelle Cadet-Bickham, am an HR professional with a Bachelor's in Business Administration from the University of Holy Cross and a Master's in Human Resources Management from Capella University.  I'm currently working on my SHRM-CP certification exam, with a due date of December 2023.

-Tyrone & Michelle 

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